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I get that description from The Black Canary shop which is where I get the outfit during the clothing fair, and just now finally get to where i accessorize it to where I like. Anyhow last time I go to the Opium sim Jazz & Blues club to hear Ichie Kamachi sing I was kind of underdressed not knowing what to expect. So this time I deck out in major finerary and even put together a custom AO to use with this cane so I was in full on putting on the ritz mode.
So of course tonight others were dressed casual LOL.
Oh well.

and a shot at Le Cirque after the show:

booN tsubura eyes lampblack
>TRUTH< Sienna 2 – crow
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
*Cherry Girl*Hapiko`s* Bra&Panties *Soft WH
*{TBC}*~ Lord Lucian (The Black Canary)
~*{TBC}*~ The Dandy (Silver/Gold) – cane
Black Velvet Hat ( White Laced Ribbons) by Caliber
N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel II – White
MoonEarsSilver – irkmade- earring
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bracelets :: ENIGMA ::

So in my constant quests to find good place to take photos of my current fashion fixations (currently the qipao/cheongsam/mandarin look or however you prefer to refer), I go into time traveler mode and come across Steelhead Shanghai Commons Area. This set of sims is really interesting mixture of influences for Northwest US 1890’s steampunk era and this sim is part of the seaport with Chinatown of Old Shanghai as the theme. Anyhow I really like the atmosphere here (and how it plays very nice with different windlight sets) and so decide is really great backdrop for some things I wanted to blog. I got too many for one post though of style so likely I do a couple posts over a few days all in all.

Will do notes inline for style card since I change up during post a few times.

Anyhow first up is a pantsuit from Lika Ruby:
+Lika Ruby+china outfit Chunjie(black)
* 0 Style * You *(Dark Chocolate)
N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II “Galaxy”

Then is minidress cheongsam from Little Fish:
*Little fish*short cheongsam : Red
* 0 Style * You *(Dark Chocolate)
N-core INFINITY XtremeHeel Red

Then while I am poking around waterfront and like that I find a cute store with victorian clothings and one of outfits is really nice victorian style chinese influenced japanese kimono so lots of cross culture and eras back and forth. Anyhow it is really a work of art not just fancy and has many variations for all layer and prim pieces and is now my “go to” for fancy occasions I think.

*2aT – Daughter of Shanghai, 1882 Kimono Bustle CHINA RED (by Terry Lightfoot)
Ghost Flexhair by Mau’s & Mej’s

another picture in Daughter of Shanghai this time sunset and from backsides to show off the bustle

and yet one more picture in the outfit with a windlight setting and like background with junk and stuff that looks like oil painting almost.

Finally couple pictures in a long choengsam.
Blue Dragon Cheongsam by Thistle Stardust
Lotus Flexhair by Mau’s & Mej’s
N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II “Galaxy”

First pic is like peeking around the wall on the quay as like maybe am playing peekaboo or follow the leader like that and see if one who is suppose to be following is still on trail.

Last picture is on different bridge than first picture and again overlooking the harbor.

All Pix
booN tsubura eyes lampblack
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet

Finally I take a plunge and start to check out the tattoo layer and alpha layer that were introduced with the 2.0 viewer. So I start when I find a full back tattoo I like and wanted some peekaboo looking stuff to go with. Then at some point I get into adding gold (likely as excuse to bring the N-core Soul shoes into play (which I think are like ultimate cfm heels in SL BTW IMHO).
Anyhow I keep adding some more gold here and there, go through all my ripped jeans
So I guess at this point I put all tattoo artist on notice that if they are not supporting the new tattoo layer they get no sales from me (not that I buy so many tattoos I can change market but I think that I am representive of purchasers and these are bigtime step forward).
That being said I dislike the 2.0 Viewer and am using the Cool SL Viewer 1.23.5 that has support for new tattoo layer (and has invisible layer thing too which btw I use on the feet to make invisifeet and then find out Nyx Linden already had make some that are in the Library).

haha first shot is at the store Ume Mode with look like OMG what did i just do buy all these things LOL

after all I spend on shoes and accessories, and then tattoos I am hoping to win on some Lucky Board now 🙂

now a few pictures at Ann Otoole’s Public Photo Garden more posed and like that to show off some of the feature.

and then I go to the Village of Himeji to get another tattoo i seen at Seven of Himeji tattoos the other day.

booN tsubura eyes lampblack
Irezumi-ya tattoo242 back tattoo (on new tattoo layer)
S o H Wakizashi tattoo fresh (full body on new tattoo layer)
Hair- >TRUTH< Sienna 2 – crow
Hairsticks – Gold from Calico's Kimiko Hair set
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
*CGirl*Hapiko`s* Panties *Soft BabyPink *
[Decoy] Zanza – Bloom *Untucked*
[Decoy] Zanza – Waterfall *Untucked*
Shoes – N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II "Gold"
*::UM::* Chain_Necklace&Pierce
Zaara : indian bangles (gold/pearl)
*::UM::* Chain_Belt
primOptic Steam glasses 1.17

So I get a notecard from Lika Ruby update group that there is new free gift to celebrate the opening of a new store, and I follow the link and go to the creators pavillion sim. Okay this is maybe one of best free gift items I have ever got in SL. The belt changes colors depending how fierce your avie should be in kungfu haha i choose yellow belt. Anyhow this is really nice, and I only had to make very few adjustments for placement for the prims, but is nice that they are modify in case later i find any issues. (My typical motto of course is if the prims are no modify there will be no sale, which is very typical for avies that are not 7 foot tall pencil thin).

Note that in the folder is also guy size prims so this is unisex gift.

+Lika Ruby+ Kunfu-Suit(CP-gift)
booN tsubura eyes lampblack
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
>TRUTH< Elysium – night
::7DP:: Ella Hand Jewelry Diamond
Simple Geta Platforms : gold flower- w (Itan Kishi)

World Wide Interactive 24/7 Soap Opera Character

I'm just a supporting cast member to world wide interactive 24/7 soap opera called "Second Life". It's a just a game or time-waster to some, and more important than real life to some, and everyone else is in between the extremes.

I'm not a primary character in anyone else's personal soap opera story, just supporting cast. I stopped taking it serious like that years ago with older avies that had romances, ran businesses, were entertainers, were designers and builders. Now I am just wanderer vagabonding around and try to spend the inheritance my older avies left me. Lots of the time is frustratation on missing how things use to be in SL when the magic was still there for me, now is my hobby and try as i try, i cannot keep from logging in for hours and hours at a time, but I do resist temptations to let it take over my real life once again.

What I'm blogging:
Is in the end in style of a fashion blog but is not like a real "I'm a fashion blogger" nonesense thing.
I'm not all so much about finding new designer things that are out so much as finding things I like i never seen, or better track down something I saw before and didn't get and now want to get, and playing with what I got in inventory in addition to things I see when I'm out getting new things.
I'm not real fashion blogger type that like has designers drop things into inventory and say "blog this" huh, nothing like that, mostly is to go through the thousands of things I have and at least get some use out of them and maybe a few stories and like my observation on things.

April 2010

Personal Pet Peeve in SL fashion trends

So, my avie is short and wide by SL standards, consequently most all prim parts need some adjustments. I hate resizer scripts (that as far as I read in blogs don't work to stop copybot anyhow), since they do all directions, and typically i need to make shorter and wider, not bigger which you cannot do with those scripts. Some designers are really cool and will send or upsell me a modify set of prims or will adjust if i send them my shape if they insist on not selling a mod version; and others tell me pound sand and say that I need to change my shape. Most designers ignore me if I make requests or they ask for a bunch extra lindens to do a fitting. The second two sets I'll never buy from again nor do I recommend, hope they are happy with the one sale.

Unless Otherwise Noted

I realize some of stuff I don't change much so unless otherwise noted the following should be presumed:

Skin: Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
Eyes: booN tsubura eyes lampblack