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I was disappointed before when I visit the Great Wall of SL, to see is like nowhere near former glories and was dismantle part way through journey (see former posts I do on that, only thing still the same was sim crossings are still broke, which suppose I guess says something about LL and SL huh). But I do bit of thinking and some researches and according to sources Steller Sunshine was first SL resident, and makes the Climeable Beanstalk in the Welsh sim before SL even really existed as what we know as SL. Build date is July 8,2003. Same sources say is very first user generate content in all of SL. Nice to know some things in SL are still here. Anyhow if you want to see is in the Welsh sim and is way back machine bigtime.
Still has sign that offer 500L prize if you can jump and walk and make to top of the beanstalk, I’ve had older avies try and never have succeed, and I fail again, though perhaps is my attire was not much suitable for beanstalk climbings. (Dress and heels are likely not right, but is good excuse for not succeed LOL)

Anyhow a few picture of beanstalk and like that. (I’m little tiny dot at base in red).

This one is from other side of parcel next to signpost for some other perspective of sizes.

Challenge sign and touch gives up notecard with 500L challenge and rule for how to do it.

Other things of note huh is the air balloon and other early sl build like the yellow submarine in distance from Paul Zeeman, another early SL resident.

And finally I purchase butterfly generator piece of beanstalk for 50L as souvineers.

Has some Tic Tac Toe game here but was alone so only put in an O, and no one to play X 😦

Style sheet even though is not really fashion stuff but is habits 🙂 I was shopping at Uzuri earlier, and was all set to make blog about that visit, and am still in middle of all adjustings of the dress when I get travel bug and don’t bother changing (LOL embarassing huh can see skirt still is too long and like that)

-=UZURI=- Clever Black Eyes
>TRUTH< Sienna 2 – crow
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
[ Attitudes ] Jourdain – black panties
-=UZURI=- Hamu Dress – Blood
-= UZURI =- Nahla Necklace (Red)
-=UZURI=- Damu Ear Rings
-= UZURI =- Nahla Bracelet
Maitreya Gold – Esprit Black

So lot of happenings in SL, mostly confusing huh, lose lot of Lindens I have known over years, finally M is pushed aside. Whole feel of SL has changed so much too that lot of time I wonder why it is I bother log in anymore, mostly is big lonely place where all I feel is like I am a dollar sign to vendors.

Anyhow I go wander around the SL7B (Second Life’s 7th Birthday celebration) awhile, get the commerative bear, and find a tram which looked like a nice way to see all regions. Well tram didn’t work, failed on a sim crossing and would not restart (So I am ready to log out cursing LL for showing off exactly some of why SL is get so frustrating, things that don’t work forever still dont’ work).

But just when I get out of tram I see line of avies in distance, get closer and is the Yokohama Marching Band and they look like they are going to some stage.

So I get few pix of them and then I end up follow them to a concert by ZatenMai Unit of MilkyMaihime on the stage.

Japanese girl band trio with modern music using traditional Japanese intsruments like koto, shamisen & biwa and as they say during introduction “Remaking Rin Band and Our Rin ,All Rin,Speacial Rin !!.” (close up of the band)

I camera in behind the band and here is what it looks like to them out from stage

Finally pic of me with whole thing in background

And style sheet just because I always do that LOL
Amacci Hair Cap Anya ~Black Coal
-=UZURI=- Clever Black Eyes
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
Skirt, Blouse & Vest – *Sprawl* Gatsby
*Shai* Duchess White Panties with Garters
*Shai* Duchess White Stockings
sf design victoria lace bra
BAX Ankle Boots Black+ Suede
::7DP:: Ella Hand Jewelry Diamond
Earrings & Necklace – Ecleptic by Inca Temple
dragon belly ring by Anarchy Cinquetti

Okay so probably I get the flame for this and kick off some of the fashion feeds that syndicate my little blog for not joining any bandwagon and being the fanboi huh, but I was overall major disappointed in the Black & Blue Fair.
I try a couple times to get in and like find region was offline for restart, and finally get in. So lagfest and like that but, even though was very laggy I like design overall of chaotic couple room of things strewn all over and so I was in good space to maybe buy things, since look and feel of shopping experiences is very important to me. Is also why I really hate shopping xstreet and prefer inworld.

Anyhow here are a few picture of that chaotic atmosphere and again I will say I really liked look and feel of the place. (Ha and like I am not high fashionista standard in tore up gym clothes).

So I had get all excited to go see Black & Blue Fair 2010, poster was like “Limited Edition Items to raise awareness about mental health issues”. Mental health issues especially thought and personality disorders are like near and dear to the heart and so I was very hopeful that some nice awareness and grassroot like whatever things might happen as results of this. First thing I get when I show up is blue popup inform me that this is not a charity event and all moneys go to designers, so the fine wording on “raise awareness” and I was a bit surprise, I guess since I don’t read that way at first.
So one time around permiter and then check stuff in middles and like that, I got system for these kind of thing, and make notes off to side what I liked and want to look at again. I seen some very nice jewelry and some shoes that look interesting but were colors or style or like that which I already have more than enough of, so I have to pass on those mostly. I do get one pair of shoes from Orange Creations in a dark blue and gold since that color I didn’t quite have with some shoes.
Other things… If you are tattooist and are not put a tattoo layer of your stuff in box then you are not get any consideration for a purchase, 2.0 layers are here and it don’t take that long to make a tattoo layer if you already have the texture and done other layers. Just need some effort to update and stay current. I see multiple instances of that where is like sorry, are behind the curve for any chance to get part of my budget I use on tattoos.
Clothing for most part was very predictable mix of things that look like slx templates and very heavy on slutwears, and more than one item I already get as they were recycled from freebie grid hunts in the past. So perhaps are some with manic or hypersexual disorder in the mix and heavy on slutwear and cfm shoes is maybe not in good taste, and like shirt with slogans that poke fun at behaviors are similar. I do find a cute long tee with a side tie bow on it I like from Exodi and were some other nice things but not things I can justify the purchase.
For most part it seem that “limited edition” for the fair was just a blue recolor of existing stock. I’m sure there were some that were not the case like that, and I apologize if I imply all are like that, just my impression overall is that is how thing seemed. One example too I almost get util I look close at contents and realize what look like a fatpacks of four colors for a interesting cute outfit turns out is only just a blue version that is not even pictured. I don’t see any limited edition for the fair things that I decide I can live without owning.
I don’t see any nice bargain on things I knew usual prices on that I don’t already got multiple of very similar items already in inventory.
I mean is alot of stuff better than anything I could make for myself huh, but when you are around 35K inventory, things got to have some major wow factor to be something I’d purchase. See if was charity event like was at RFL I maybe get a few things because is good cause, and yeah keep some creators I like in business I guess is good cause, but don’t need a raise awareness clothing fair to do that. Very unlikely too many of those I see while I was there even notice the slogans and facts that were on the walls.

Well as we see lot of informations I think is shoes and hair likely are bigtime targets of the upcoming script limits, and since those are large bunch of inventory and good part of my SL investment over time I needed to think through beyond initial reaction and try to come to terms.

So I get notice from one of shoe designers that i buy from that due to upcoming script limit and version 2.0 changes that there maybe some issue eventually and that they would send update to those shoes bought in last 30 days if transaction record and like that was verify. Similar in last week or two I have get some update on some prim bare feet and some other shoes from other creators that are lower script or 2.0 compatible or like that, so is not an impossible task to do updates, but then I start to think is it really a right or wrong, or expected or unreasonable or what is this really? So different reactions to same issue by different creators, in advance of actual event.

So whole thing really comes down to major difference in products SL and RL is nothing really wears out in SL huh, other than when people get better skills, new technique, or things go out of style. Closest to really wearing out might be this case when content might be broken by the system update, which would be maybe one way to look at this huh? Like no shoe store RL will be expected to provide the free replacements for life if shoes wear out. Then again people have presumption for the SL that stuff is buy once and never need to buy again and will be mad they don’t get free updates for life on their purchases. However that puts issue on creators like by time someone qualifies as bigtime VIP or whatever by shopping, unless they buy all new stuff whenever you release it, likely they are pretty much done as customer, so.. do you care that person who won’t spend more cash at store is mad at you anyhow?

I try and understand both sides huh, customer and creator. As customer the initial reaction is this sucks, as creator I can see it could be nightmare to set up upgrade proceedure if you don’t already have, or track down customer or have to have someone on site all time to verify and make on the spot delivery on demand or like that. Additionally as a creator would be a nice potential revenue presuming you would be selling new shoes to existing customer who likely would have not bought more shoes from you anyway.

So to my point of view I see is like not really a comfortable situation for anyone look ahead and not really know what happens with script limits huh? Customers are upset maybe most expensive parts of their inventory become useless junk, content creators are balance their reputations for good customer support for customer that maybe have unrealistic expectations, with opportunities for new source of income from existing customers. Perhaps a cutoff date makes sense, or like maybe like some ratio of free upgrade like you own 3 pair we upgrade 1 for you, or like even buy one new and we upgrade one old. something like that.

So, is it deal breaker with this creator that none of pair of shoes I get there in the past qualifies for free update, and that I would have to repurchase any replacement if and when they no longer can function? Probably not.
Will I replace those shoes? Case by case basis, likely not as many pair as I own, but most likley will for a few favorites.

Other factors? well another similar creator sends out updates to one of their styles that I had buy much more than 30 days ago to work with 2.0, and next day I wanted a pair of shoes in blue and went to that creator to get them and perhaps possibility that I might get free update was part of decision.

So one of my favorite designer Vlinder Reitveld is on road again getting inspirations for new creations and this one is her newest the Eila Ghagra Choli. Has nice embroider look pattern and very good color choices as usual for any fabrics Vlinder uses, and nice cuts and matches as well. I am fan of those that have work that looks more like a seamstress and not grahpic designer, and is how I always feel with Vlintuition clothings. And as usual it feature lot of possibilities and has the add on packs she began to put out for some of her outfits that I seen for first time at the RFL clothing fair when we had chances to chat awhile.
Anyhow I try and show off different pieces and realize that with possibilities of the mix and matches you can make lot of other combination.

First is Peasant Skirt variation

next is grand lehenga

bit more modest and not want to show off some belly button? then okay try covered midriff

Really really modest? okay got veil, hijab and dupatta in the modesty pack

wanna be more harem girl looking instead, can do that too with arabian addon, has got smaller top and pantaloon harem pants and couple different dupatta

here is with other dupatta choice for arabian look

ooh and last feature is scluptie body chain in the arabia pack

Vlintuition New Release – Eila Ghagra Choli

Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
* 0 Style * You *(Dark Chocolate)
booN tsubura eyes lampblack
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Flat
“Sunshine” chained earrings (Inca Temple)
::7DP:: Ella Hand Jewlery Diamond
Poses by Cherry Girl

World Wide Interactive 24/7 Soap Opera Character

I'm just a supporting cast member to world wide interactive 24/7 soap opera called "Second Life". It's a just a game or time-waster to some, and more important than real life to some, and everyone else is in between the extremes.

I'm not a primary character in anyone else's personal soap opera story, just supporting cast. I stopped taking it serious like that years ago with older avies that had romances, ran businesses, were entertainers, were designers and builders. Now I am just wanderer vagabonding around and try to spend the inheritance my older avies left me. Lots of the time is frustratation on missing how things use to be in SL when the magic was still there for me, now is my hobby and try as i try, i cannot keep from logging in for hours and hours at a time, but I do resist temptations to let it take over my real life once again.

What I'm blogging:
Is in the end in style of a fashion blog but is not like a real "I'm a fashion blogger" nonesense thing.
I'm not all so much about finding new designer things that are out so much as finding things I like i never seen, or better track down something I saw before and didn't get and now want to get, and playing with what I got in inventory in addition to things I see when I'm out getting new things.
I'm not real fashion blogger type that like has designers drop things into inventory and say "blog this" huh, nothing like that, mostly is to go through the thousands of things I have and at least get some use out of them and maybe a few stories and like my observation on things.

June 2010

Personal Pet Peeve in SL fashion trends

So, my avie is short and wide by SL standards, consequently most all prim parts need some adjustments. I hate resizer scripts (that as far as I read in blogs don't work to stop copybot anyhow), since they do all directions, and typically i need to make shorter and wider, not bigger which you cannot do with those scripts. Some designers are really cool and will send or upsell me a modify set of prims or will adjust if i send them my shape if they insist on not selling a mod version; and others tell me pound sand and say that I need to change my shape. Most designers ignore me if I make requests or they ask for a bunch extra lindens to do a fitting. The second two sets I'll never buy from again nor do I recommend, hope they are happy with the one sale.

Unless Otherwise Noted

I realize some of stuff I don't change much so unless otherwise noted the following should be presumed:

Skin: Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
Eyes: booN tsubura eyes lampblack