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So all the combat looks start out when I get this Flight Jacket from DeLa after I watch Michelle Yeoh in The Magnificent Warriors, and start to put together outfit that is inspired by her looks in the movie. Mix and matching with some things I had, and some things I buy, and use weapons and accessory I had on hand. So various combination of the following clothings:

Hoorenbeck – Military Shirt – white
Hell Bop Quin (Olive Chinos)
NSD (yves) scarf (heavy modifications)
DeLa Flight Jacket – Brook – Black
The Abyss NAU Combat Boots
Attitudes – Jourdain – Beige (Undies & Tanktop)
19MC Coverall – Olive Drab
BM Creations – Panther Combat Uniform
Census Ancient Brothel Token (Earrings & Belly Pierce)

With the following Weapons & Accessories:

Primoptic Steam glasses (set to be mirrors)
Black Ops – Mossberg 500A Persuader Shotgun
SiniStyle Holster Bags
Messer Co – Tactical Throwing Knifes
(note: i wear sheath upside down on torso as vest)
(out of box they are thigh sheath)
Black Ops – 12ga cartridge belt
Bukka Constellation Watch
Phoenix Rising – Facade Double Belt (torso straps)
NicciStyle Commando Beret (hah yeah I made this one)
Black Ops – Walther P99 Pistol
Black Ops – Black Gloves (Fingerless)
AS Stitched Fingerless Gloves – Black

And my usual everyday/every outfit standards:
M&H Designย  Hair LadyCyntia (heavily modified and some retexturing)
.:EMO-tions:*RONIN* hair (ponytail – very heavily modified and retextured)
Adam n Eve – Desire t2
Le Mystere Eyes-Onyx
AD – Vamp Eyelashes

Pix are like not really in much order other than is how I change. I take them using various backgrounds in my Photoshpere, and poses are from Cherry Girl.

First time I try to use Gallery function in the blog, so if you click on picture will make gallery bigger and then click any individual picture it gets full size. I think helps save some space huh.

Dang, I look and see last time I make any entry was July 18, 2010 and is now Feb 18, 2011, that’s long time no see huh? Well hmm I got busy LOL.

I spent lot of that time roleplaying, in DCS2 and CCS combat sims (Feudal Japan and City of Lost Angels), and some other places. Was fun at times and had some potentials, but in the end I don’t fit in anywhere where I add value and still enjoy myself, so I move on. I took lot of snapshots and will try to put some up with all those nice weapons I got and some outfits (though for me weapons I select are more a fashion accessory than actually useful for circumstances).

Right now though is current outfit, I just visit the 10L Cart Sale at The Wash, and got some nice things, the one I like best so far is this tweed jacket/vest combo.

and here is paired with jeans.

Pretty simple style sheet here:

b[ELLE] – Tweed Jacket – Brown (10L) at Wash Cart Sale
[hoorenbeck] Military Shirt – white
Phoenix Rising – Mona – Ice
P10 Serenity Heels Paisley (VIP Gift)
Dark Mouse Color Change Pearl Stud Gold Earrings
M&H Designย  Hair LadyCyntia (heavily modified and some retexturing)
.:EMO-tions:*RONIN* hair (ponytail – very heavily modified and retextured)
Adam n Eve – Desire t2
Le Mystere Eyes-Onyx
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
Pose by Cherry Girl

So preview of stuffs from my roleplaying excursions is outfit I put together sort of fantasy inspired from Kung Fu movies:

I take this picture at Pasademon Point in the City of Lost Angels sims.

Style Sheet

Analise – tal Carmina (Pants, Silks, Veil)
Dark Eden Mistweave Oshun (arm wraps & collar)
Zaara Maitri short jacket *pearl*
New Gomorrah Armory Lotus Katana
The conical hat I made to go with outfit
census Ancient Brothel Tokens (earrings and belly pierces)

Anyhow my thought is I go through stuffs I am get lately, as well as the backfillings of things from when I was roleplaying and so on.


I was disappointed before when I visit the Great Wall of SL, to see is like nowhere near former glories and was dismantle part way through journey (see former posts I do on that, only thing still the same was sim crossings are still broke, which suppose I guess says something about LL and SL huh). But I do bit of thinking and some researches and according to sources Steller Sunshine was first SL resident, and makes the Climeable Beanstalk in the Welsh sim before SL even really existed as what we know as SL. Build date is July 8,2003. Same sources say is very first user generate content in all of SL. Nice to know some things in SL are still here. Anyhow if you want to see is in the Welsh sim and is way back machine bigtime.
Still has sign that offer 500L prize if you can jump and walk and make to top of the beanstalk, I’ve had older avies try and never have succeed, and I fail again, though perhaps is my attire was not much suitable for beanstalk climbings. (Dress and heels are likely not right, but is good excuse for not succeed LOL)

Anyhow a few picture of beanstalk and like that. (I’m little tiny dot at base in red).

This one is from other side of parcel next to signpost for some other perspective of sizes.

Challenge sign and touch gives up notecard with 500L challenge and rule for how to do it.

Other things of note huh is the air balloon and other early sl build like the yellow submarine in distance from Paul Zeeman, another early SL resident.

And finally I purchase butterfly generator piece of beanstalk for 50L as souvineers.

Has some Tic Tac Toe game here but was alone so only put in an O, and no one to play X ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Style sheet even though is not really fashion stuff but is habits ๐Ÿ™‚ I was shopping at Uzuri earlier, and was all set to make blog about that visit, and am still in middle of all adjustings of the dress when I get travel bug and don’t bother changing (LOL embarassing huh can see skirt still is too long and like that)

-=UZURI=- Clever Black Eyes
>TRUTH< Sienna 2 – crow
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
[ Attitudes ] Jourdain – black panties
-=UZURI=- Hamu Dress – Blood
-= UZURI =- Nahla Necklace (Red)
-=UZURI=- Damu Ear Rings
-= UZURI =- Nahla Bracelet
Maitreya Gold – Esprit Black

One of oldest features in world, part of my try to remember why I have spend so much of my life as a second life project. Anyhow I have travel portions of the wall before with older avies on roller skates, skateboards, horseback and walking, but always get distracted or frustrated and never finish whole oddesy.
So I start at the south end of wall, TP to the base where it hits highway in the sim Minoa.ย  Quick inspect on a piece of the tower and i get:
Owner is Governer Linden, creator is Xenon Linden, and creation date is Mon 18 Jul 2005 12:24:44
okies, in the right place. (local estate time 3:23am)

If memory serves me correct i need to go around to left (west) side to get started. Good thing i can fly ๐Ÿ™‚

And matter of scale before going too far huh, avie is spot inside the big portal on the wall.

Matter of scale #2, the portal can be seen in lower center.

Most of inside looks pretty much this way and so i go out and get on top of the wall for most of the journey as more to see.

So there is stairwell off on East side once you enter Tyta sim and I take that down and well is not much of access way. See those red line in picture??? they are ban lines, so no one but those on access list of property can cross.
Not much of the egress if you cannot get off stairs LOL. (actually is like space just barely big enough to get my avie at bottom of stairs so I can get outside and fly up to top of wall. (Hah and can see I don’t carry much lindens cash when out wandering around ๐Ÿ™‚ — Interface is Cool SL Viewer 1.223.5 btw for those interest in those kind of things).

View from top of wall looking East (local estate time 8:08am, so inworld time is going by pretty fast huh? Also i only got my draw distance set at 256 so that ocean in distance is not really ocean, is land that is not rendering. More of ugly ban lines ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

First business I come across here that is build to be reached from top of the wall is a meeting place bar on West side of the wall.

Holy Cripes, I make sim crossing into Jodis and fall through wall into crevasse here and cannot find good way out. Guess some jira bug on sim crossing is still in effect and not vehicle this time, just walking.ย  Okay this is kind of thing why I never complete journey with older avies …..

So following sequence is one way how to get out of such a mess. Note that is no build land here so I camera outside walls and try to build cube anywhere I can, eventually i find parcel that i can build cube on and then move it inside wall to my location.
I then change default of cube to sit on and make sure is non-physical (note i sit on it and do not take chance on leaving edit mode). So still in edit mode i drag cube with me ride through the walls.

SO… as long as you can find place you can rez cube anywhere nearby and can drag to you (in this case i had to rez from neighboring sim not even in same region huh) then you can use method to get through walls. I mean heck could have Teleported too but, dang no fun in that easy way out LOL

and back to inner passageway portions of wall and there is exit just up ahead.

So SL is magical huh, like all your inventory with you all the time wherever if you can wear or rez or like that. Anyhow I tire of walking figure I go at speed of a trot instead and so materialize my horse (is an AO model so can wear so she is available in places where there is no-rez zone.

Another sim crossing and Dolly and I get throw off the top of wall and into someones yard. I am begin to lose interest in this as is too much of the deja vu from years ago, I mean we got all the shiney new stuffs but still cannot cross from sim to sim on mainland…
Well at least this time not trapped inside the walls somewhere.

And lucky for me Dolly can fly ๐Ÿ™‚ย  she is also winged horse if necessary, which from how things look that ability she got is necessary.

I kick draw distance out to 512 but still lots of distance don’t render, keep in mind that top of wall is typically 150m up, so need to crank it up to even see nearby ground areas.

Great, another sim crossing (this time into Jubata) and i am again on the ground inside rifts in the wall.

So i follow crevasse area and like seen some place where build was shoddy and leaves some openings to slip through, so in round about way poor constructions allows me to continue after inability to cross sim boundry.

So get back outside and fly awhile pass lot of for sale spaces and so on, anyhow I land here on top of bridge and make a landmark. Local estate time (10:02am) and is an hour for me RL time.
Enough for first portion of trip going to stop in Ziczac. Very frustrating in that most all sim crossing have cause me major hassles to find ways to continue my journey.ย  ALSO —- Who the heck thought “Glow” was a positive feature LOL. In Windlight (which is like almost all viewers now) Glow is really really nasty like can be seen in upper left of picture.

Ha and since usually I am post fashion oriented blog infos I guess I add style sheet LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

>TRUTH< Elysium – night
booN tsubura eyes lampblack
Adam n Eve – Desire t2 – make up Russet
AD – Vamp Eyelashes
**MIS** Essential Tank – Tuscany
BoHo HoBo blue cutoffs
Monaco Bikini (Aqua) from Designs of Cleopatra
Ecliptic bracelets by Inca Temple
SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Flat
SLink Jolie Pied Anklets Halfmoon

World Wide Interactive 24/7 Soap Opera Character

I'm just a supporting cast member to world wide interactive 24/7 soap opera called "Second Life". It's a just a game or time-waster to some, and more important than real life to some, and everyone else is in between the extremes.

I'm not a primary character in anyone else's personal soap opera story, just supporting cast. I stopped taking it serious like that years ago with older avies that had romances, ran businesses, were entertainers, were designers and builders. Now I am just wanderer vagabonding around and try to spend the inheritance my older avies left me. Lots of the time is frustratation on missing how things use to be in SL when the magic was still there for me, now is my hobby and try as i try, i cannot keep from logging in for hours and hours at a time, but I do resist temptations to let it take over my real life once again.

What I'm blogging:
Is in the end in style of a fashion blog but is not like a real "I'm a fashion blogger" nonesense thing.
I'm not all so much about finding new designer things that are out so much as finding things I like i never seen, or better track down something I saw before and didn't get and now want to get, and playing with what I got in inventory in addition to things I see when I'm out getting new things.
I'm not real fashion blogger type that like has designers drop things into inventory and say "blog this" huh, nothing like that, mostly is to go through the thousands of things I have and at least get some use out of them and maybe a few stories and like my observation on things.

July 2021

Personal Pet Peeve in SL fashion trends

So, my avie is short and wide by SL standards, consequently most all prim parts need some adjustments. I hate resizer scripts (that as far as I read in blogs don't work to stop copybot anyhow), since they do all directions, and typically i need to make shorter and wider, not bigger which you cannot do with those scripts. Some designers are really cool and will send or upsell me a modify set of prims or will adjust if i send them my shape if they insist on not selling a mod version; and others tell me pound sand and say that I need to change my shape. Most designers ignore me if I make requests or they ask for a bunch extra lindens to do a fitting. The second two sets I'll never buy from again nor do I recommend, hope they are happy with the one sale.

Unless Otherwise Noted

I realize some of stuff I don't change much so unless otherwise noted the following should be presumed:

Skin: Adam n Eve โ€“ Desire t2 โ€“ make up Russet
Eyes: booN tsubura eyes lampblack